In this video, we find out from Kristina Forssell, Managing Director at 8th Wave Events & Destinations why Thailand remains one of the top destinations in the region to host team-building activities, conferences and events.

Only a handful of destinations tick all the boxes of an ideal place to meet, innovate and collaborate, and Thailand is one of them. The identity, cuisine, culture, hospitality, range of activities and experiences are all unique to the land of smiles, coupled with a plethora of venues and accommodations as well as connectivity and intellectual capital.

“Such a great variety is not just in Bangkok, which is the most common city where lots of meetings and events are held. There a lot of other really interesting cities such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and all the other islands, so you’re really spoilt for choice,” says Forssell.

She describes the possibilities in Bangkok and provides examples of how to weave the Thai culture into a team building programme. The managing director also talks about the difference that in-person engagement makes and how to take advantage of Thailand’s natural beauty and national parks.

Event professionals who possess a wealth of understanding and experience of a destination and its community is critical to delivering successful experiences that enhance team cohesion, communication and collaboration. Ms. Forssell, who helms the event and destination management company, has has lived, worked and traveled extensively in different parts of Asia for the past 30 years. Other than benefitting from an extensive network of resources in Asia, she understands the expectations of clients from both inside and outside of Asia, and brings reliable knowledge and experience into every project she plans.

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