As Zadro Agency celebrates its 15th year of delivering integrated marketing and communication solutions, we speak to its founder and managing director, Felicity Zadro, to find out how expectations, culture and mindsets have changed.

Today’s marketers face a complex and fragmented landscape, not only from the influx of increasingly varied markets, channels, and products but also from consumers who have changed their definitions of what’s essential in their personal and professional lives.

Businesses in a post-pandemic environment face new hurdles and fight against time to deal with the aftermath. Regulatory changes, increased uncertainty, and workforce crunch from the loss of expertise are some of the challenges organisations in every sector deal with.

“We’ve all been through collective trauma,” said Felicity in the interview. “What we have found out is that the pandemic has completely transformed workplace relations and expectations. Leaders need to be thinking about their people. People are the greatest assets. How a business looks at culture and communications say a lot about a company.”

Where “normal” is set to take on a new meaning, she highlighted areas that would impact the design of products and services, and how the pandemic has pushed companies to become more human-centric in the way they communicate and market themselves.

Given the increased emphasis on environment, social and governmental issues, Felicity says people have become more aware of what is happening around them and in the world. The growing social consciousness scene cannot be understated. She believes businesses are part of the community and society and must play a leading role in those issues.

Pressures on the marketing and communications (MarCom) profession have also blown out of proportion in the last few years. Felicity describes how businesses now require marketing professionals to possess skills such as photography, videography, coding, copywriting, media relations, internal communications, and more. Without a myriad of those skills, job seekers may very well lose out.

Zadro University was born with all that in mind and a desire to empower Marcom professionals who haven’t been great at demonstrating their value through metrics. So the training programme was designed to equip them with the knowledge and practical skills needed to survive in the wild terrains of the business world.

Thanks to its theoretical insights and practical know-how, people can quickly skill up in integrated marketing, communications and PR in an engaging and relevant way. In addition, valuable tools have also been designed for marketing and communication professionals of all levels who want a practical and strategic approach to integrated communications.

A new website for Zadro University has just been launched today with new content, tools, courses, workbooks, and more. With the programme revamped, Felicity hopes that companies can connect better with their communities, and people who are struggling in or are considering the MarCom profession will be better equipped at facing anything that comes next.

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