In this Conscious Leadership episode, Mary Barrett highlights a thought-provoking concept that will alter the way we focus our thoughts, emotions and spirits at work.

We all love the positive vibes and satisfaction of completing a project on time and accomplishing our targets. In the philosophy of a Japanese concept Ikigai, “flow” can be said to occur when one is consistently doing something they love and are good at, with the possible added benefit of bringing value to others’ lives. In other words, flow is a mental state that you are in when you are deep in focus and lost in the moment when performing an activity in full involvement and enjoyment in the process. It is said to lead to a sense of fulfilment.

But why is it so hard to get into the flow of things? It could be distractions, disruptions and everything else happening around us.

To get into the flow and achieve what we set out to do, we need to first have clarity on our why and understand what triggers our behaviour. Watch the video to hear what Mary has to say.


ICYMI: In our previous episode, we spoke to Mary about getting into our best form.

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