We round up our three-part Resilience series for Mental Health Awareness Month with Tara Schofield to discuss how to build adaptability to weather through the peaks and troughs of life.


Being good at something in particular and doing the same thing we’re good at for a long time can work really well for us. But what happens when things around us change, rendering our standard operating procedures obsolete? That’s when our ability to be adaptable needs to kick in.

In the second episode of our Resilience series, Positive Psychology Practitioner Tara Schofield explored with us the thought processes that lead to self-doubt and the exercises that could diminish the crippling effects of self-doubt. In this final episode, we discuss the steps to building adaptability, what “full-being” means, and finding our sense of purpose as a resource for resilience.

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When met with setbacks, everyone’s coping mechanism varies. Tara explains how true adaptability begins with rational thought and ends with deliberate action. A growth mindset helps establish an understanding of how to adapt to change, which anyone can cultivate through self-reflection, creative thinking, and intentional practice.

The small but progressive steps we take, whether it is a daily run, making lunch, or even taking mindful breaths, all contribute to mental balance and keep us going when times are tough. Tara also shares the three progressive thoughts we can keep in mind to be emotionally and psychologically prepared when disruption upends what we have spent years building.

Watch the video below to find our more effective thoughts and behaviours to build adaptability.

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