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An engaged audience is critical for any brand’s marketing success. As virtual events dominate the new normal, audience engagement took on an entirely new meaning.

In the last of our three-episode Couch Convos by BEAM with Petrina Goh, Commercial Director at CWT Meetings & Events, and Kate Sibbett, a high-performing senior event management professional, the two ladies spill the tea on how much digital event strategists should be paying for audience engagement strategies, and how to prevent another virtual event fatigue experience for your participants.

Even for hybrid events, event professionals are faced with the new complexities of bridging the gap between the two audiences while keeping both in-person and virtual attendees steadily engaged.

With short attention spans, keeping attendees actively engaged throughout the entire experience is instrumental in the overall success of your event. While event engagement is clearly an important metric to keep track of within your larger event strategy, it can be hard to define, let alone measure.

Kate advises not to underestimate the need for audience engagement strategies, “I would allocate around 10 to 15 per cent of the event budget,” she says. “It is about tying all the pieces together, the day-to-day touchpoints and having somebody to connect all the strategies and messaging together.”

From a content strategy perspective, Petrina believes it doesn’t have to cost a lot more, “It’s just a shift of mindset from planner-led agenda to user-led agenda.” She also goes on to elaborate the many ways digital event strategists can be creative to leverage touchpoints during the attendee journey.

No one strategy fits all. It can be difficult to cater to and appeal to all the different audience personas. Kate and Petrina suggests that the best way to engage is to keep it simple, ignite curiosity and get them hooked to your content.

Watch the below video for the full conversation.

Kate Sibbett is a high-performing Senior Management Professional, offering more than 15 years of operations and high-performing, multicultural team management experience across customer-service focused sectors.

Petrina Goh has over a decade of experience in the meeting & events and hospitality industries. She is responsible for growing CWT M&E’s business in this key market, and creating highly participative, digital and data-driven M&E experiences for clients.

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