Usher in a new year with new possibilities that only a well-taken care of team can achieve.

Omicron may have muted the New Year’s Eve celebrations for many. Although the rapidly spreading variant slightly dented the business events industry’s confidence, we remain cautiously optimistic that 2022 will be the year of recovery.

Despite the onset of the “Great Resignation” trend, teams’ well-being remains on their leaders’ minds. As business events leaders prepare themselves for what 2022 would bring, they remembered that their teams showed up to face a tumultuous 2021 together.

Prioritising your teams’ well-being so that they feel supported and encouraged is now more critical than ever. They are worth investing in not only because high employee satisfaction provides a strong foundation for a company’s future success but also because, as humans, we want to be part of a culture that values and lifts each other. Here are several ways you can cultivate to celebrate your teams in 2022:

  1. Implementing “zero-work” policies during festivities like the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Love your team by letting them spend quality time with their loved ones. When they feel rested and happy, they can contribute more effectively to teamwork.

  1. Include meaningful experiences in your next meeting and incentive trip to Thailand.

From self-care workshops to social impact activities, Thailand offers endless incentive travel experiences to help your teams find a more substantial purpose in life and at work. The creativity and hospitality of Thailand beckon, so all you’ll have to do is find out what matters most to your team members.

  1. Treat high-performing teams to remote “inspiration” work trips to Thailand.

Now that virtual working has become the new norm, consider sending high-performing teams to a different environment that would inspire innovative ideas. Change is as good as a holiday. Let fresh perspectives bring refreshed attitudes.

  1. Introduce fitness challenges.

Fitness challenges kickstart the company’s well-being into gear. They unlock the spirit of fun and friendly competition while encouraging peer involvement and greater engagement. With working from home the norm these days, such activities let employees improve working relationships through finding common interests. When in Thailand for your next incentive trip, the multitude of islands and activities available can easily allow fitness challenges to be incorporated.

  1. Make recognition part of your company’s culture.

By simply recognising team members for their efforts and achievements and making them feel that they are being heard, valued and trusted, they become more engaged. That is especially so for Millennial employees who demand more than just a well-paying job.

When teams build trust and lean into each other’s strengths, they can overcome uncertainties, come what may.

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