Creativity pushed to produce engaging physical and digital shows across multiple venues.

The 2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21 was the Taiwan fashion industry’s chance to stride into the world spotlight and champion its domestic brands. Held at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from 6-10 October, the event was designed to be a glittering expression of the culture and lifestyles of an emerging creative powerhouse.

Combining the words ‘reconnect’ and ‘next’, the event’s “RE:CONNEXT” theme was particularly resonant; held in the wake of a pandemic, the 2020 edition aimed to reboot the fashion week while human connections were rebuilt and re-engaged with new perspectives.

Brand activation and event marketing company Pico contributed to this milestone event with 10 physical show activations and seven digital shows for local fashion brands to showcase their creations to the global fashion scene during the five-day duration, which welcomed approximately 5,000 participants.

The Pico team focused its expertise on designing and building a series of exhibition areas within some of the site’s existing structures. Warehouses No. 4 and No. 5 and the Multi-showcase Exhibition Hall were transformed into “runways” for various brand collections, while a venue was set up and video produced for the event’s opening party.

The Digital Terminal, located at the Multi-showcase Exhibition Hall, served as the digital show venue. Enveloped in total darkness, shows incorporated digital exhibition techniques including large projected images, interactivity and audio-visual effects, and seamlessly merging multimedia with performing arts for an immersive fashion experience.

Visitors to the warehouse runways were meanwhile presented with Pico-designed exhibition areas for six fashion brands, each a distinct showcase of their respective styles.

Warehouse No. 4, dubbed the Fashion Base, was also the venue for physical shows and events. Like a blank but futuristic canvas, this gleaming white runway was equipped with a large LED panel at one end to display bespoke images from individual brands.

In Warehouse No. 5, the team used carefully selected sustainable materials to create a backstage used as a dressing room for models and a press room.

To smoothen on-site logistics processes while complying with the government’s guidelines for contact-information-based measures in response to COVID-19, Pico developed a registration system, which enabled VIP guests to pinpoint their seats using QR codes.

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