El Kwang of BEAM seeks out business leaders in APAC to understand how they balance work and life.

BEAM’s brand new thought-leadership video series focuses on striking a balance.

Although business recovery is a good problem, some event professionals have been experiencing burnout for the past 18 months. The struggle between surviving and thriving is real, and business owners are starting to reflect, evaluate and take control. And they want 2024 to have a sense of balance.

I met Ruth Hirst, director of Synergy Effect, almost two decades ago. Her energy, focus and passion for the events industry and her team made her an outstanding leader. Hirst thinks on her feet. She is also witty and responsive. More importantly, she keeps it real. The recent inVOYAGE Oman, a luxury incentive travel networking experience, provided a perfect opportunity to spend quality moments together.

The video captured our meaningful chat. As we reflected on the past 18 months, Hirst felt that although there was an influx of in-person events, technology and virtual platforms can continue to strengthen organisational culture more than ever, especially for those unable to travel to an event.

"If my own energy is not right, my mindset is not right"

Ruth Hirst

Although rising costs, limited capacity and budget constraints added stress to managing incentive travel programmes and events, Hirst strikes a balance by ensuring family and her newfound interest in social ocean swimming take priority.

Before delving into the experiences that inspired us in Oman – a new destination for both of us, Hirst also shared her sense of purpose, what excites her about the industry and her 2024 business outlook.

“I did some work on purpose many years ago, probably going back about 10 years now, so the purpose statement may have changed a little bit. It probably will continue to change, but delivering experiences that truly connect, ignite and motivate people to give them a sense of community, belonging, and loyalty back to their company or their team has always been my philosophy and something I’ve always lived by,” said Hirst.

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