El Kwang of BEAM uncovers the balanced approach to experience design

Imagine entering a room where every corner whispers a story, where the journey from entrance to exit is a choreographed ballet of emotions. Through our dialogue with Mark Taylor of BLE, an architect of dreams and emotions, we uncovered the delicate dance between imagination and resources—a symphony orchestrated in the realm of immersive experience design.

With a canvas as grand as any event space and a palette made of every hue of human feeling, Taylor engineers not just events but memories to be cherished. His philosophy is grounded in ’emotional mapping’, a meticulous process of charting the emotional pulse of an event.

Like a cartographer of the heart, he plots the highs and lows, ensuring that each beat of the experience resonates with the participants. It’s about creating touchpoints that collectively lift the experience—transforming even the most mundane interactions into opportunities for engagement. From the grandeur of the stage to the privacy of a foyer space, every detail is an intentional brushstroke on the experiential canvas.

In an era where individuals are bombarded with invitations and choices, where every walk is a barrage of retail and entertainment experiences vying for attention, Taylor’s approach to event design stands out. He speaks of the need to rise above the noise, to ensure that every event is a symphony of subtle touches that, together, craft a unique and engaging narrative.

At the recent Accor Connect, a buyer showcase in Singapore, Taylor used Lego—a toy synonymous with creativity and imagination—as a powerful metaphor. Handing out six bricks to each participant, he challenged them to construct a duck in sixty seconds. This simple exercise unveiled a profound truth: within the basic elements of any event—the venue, the food, the program—lies infinite potential for innovation. Just as no two Lego ducks were the same, no two events need be identical. It’s a reminder that with the same building blocks, one can engineer marvels of creativity and engagement.

Balancing the demands of an industry marked by its relentless pace, Taylor also touched upon the notion of doing less to achieve more. By advising clients to focus their energies on fewer, but more impactful events, he advocates for depth over breadth, for experiences that leave indelible marks on one’s memory rather than a fleeting impression soon forgotten.

On a personal note, Taylor finds his equilibrium by selecting projects that resonate on a deeper level—those that not only dazzle the senses but also carry a message, a purpose. In his pursuit, the sustainability narrative and unique storytelling become the heartbeats of events that not only entertain but inspire and provoke thought.

In the alchemy of event design, as practiced by visionaries like Taylor, the most precious resource is not the grandiosity of production or the depth of pockets—it is the boundless expanse of the human imagination and the intimate understanding of the heart’s landscape. Here, in this intersection of vision and empathy, lies the true art of creating experiences that endure long after the last guest has departed.

“For me in terms of balance, on a personal level, is finding projects where I know that we're adding value,”

Mark TaylorBLE

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