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In this episode of BEAM Forward, we speak to Fiona Pascoe, Founder of 120Percent, on the challenges that sales professionals face in the new normal.

With more than two decades of experience in the hospitality, tourism and event sales and marketing sectors, Fiona has helped high-level sales professionals all over Australia and other parts of the world to win customers and turn businesses around.

A month into 2021, sales reps are still plagued with the unknown. Selling is always a challenge. But this year, it seems that extracting value from the customer equation is more complicated than ever when there is a lot of pressure on pricing, fear of losing one’s job and diminishing cash flow because of all the uncertainty.

Fiona points out the many ways selling has changed since the pandemic, and how our approach to negotiation must change too.

As the pressure to convert mounts when business is scarce, managing upwards when expectations get overbearing becomes a challenge. Fiona shares tips on managing such difficult conversations, and elaborates how connecting and collaborating with your leaders can help overcome fears, enable new ideas and create a sustainable environment for all to win in.

When competitors increasingly offer lower-cost alternatives, finding true value propositions in crowded spaces can become a struggle. Fiona recommends sitting down with the team to work out what the customer is trying to achieve and the actual value you can bring to those customers.

Often, we find sales pitches filled with product dumps. Instead of sharing how good your product or service is, Fiona says it is more important to provide prospects with valuable and relevant information that will solve their problem or reach their objective. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time will dramatically increase your response rates.

Watch the below video for more tips on adding value to your sales pitch and overcoming your sales challenges.

Fiona is a Strategic Sales Growth Expert specialising in Customer Acquisition having held senior sales roles in global hotels, corporate events, event production & events agency. Through COVID she created 120Percent, to help businesses recover from COVID by Igniting their Sales Advantage!

You Claim Your Sales Advantage by coming to the table with 120% more VALUE than anyone else. VALUE is perceived as solving customers problems not selling Features and Benefits. Create a compelling VISION of the future for your customer and you will WIN!

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