The Incentivise Live Conference proved that if the content is right, leaders will gather.

“Listen to the heartbeat of the land!” said Aunty Margret Campbell as she opened the conference with an inspiring ‘Welcome to Country’ keynote worthy of her status as an icon in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism space.

Some 80 leaders across three generations gathered at the Shangri-La Sydney hotel despite the influx of workload since international borders re-opened. Whether it was concerns over the looming recession or the impacts of a talent crunch, these leaders were there to broaden their perspectives.

Dr Adam Fraser, Author of Strive, Embracing the Gift of Struggle, shared that the most common thread of people successfully embracing struggles was having a sense of purpose. “Beware of the completion myth because it may not make us happier,” said Fraser who believed that the most fulfilled teams use courage to achieve the right kinds of goals.

Despite being new to the incentive travel industry, SITE ANZ Young Leaders Carly Pagotto and Nachiket Deshpande took the courage to imagine incentive travel to space based on the Virgin Galactic pricing model. Never too far from their passion for sustainability, the pair took their imagination further by suggesting a mandated mile allocation for travel to be more sustainable in the future.

Meanwhile, Seabin founder Pete Ceglinski proved a sustainability dream with the right logic and focus by helping 50 countries have cleaner oceans in just five years of executing that dream. Ceglinski gave one sound piece of advice to business leaders “your business is not worth the value if no one hears about it”.

Incentive travel powerhouse Leon Burman said on stage that Tash Menon’s company concept completed shaffled his mind. In just four years, MASH built a global creative community even though Menon didn’t have any agency background. She honed her listening skills and used her fresh eyes to overcome fear to bring a new approach to fulfilling customers’ needs. Perhaps her “who knows but let’s give it a go” attitude gave her strong footing to the future of work and yielded any negative talent crunch impacts the business events industry has been experiencing. Perhaps she provided the perfect work-life choice and mental balance her MASHers could not get in their previous full-time jobs.

Speaking of talent crunch. Simon Kuestenmacher, Co-Founder at The Demographics Group, combined data and humour to present possible solutions within the Australian workforce over the next decade. The demographer suggested that Generation X will close the gender pay gap and the businesses that provide meaningful benefits like free childcare will retain talent. The future is bright for Gen Z, whose global mindset can reshape the future of work, especially when they lean into the formidable brain trust in Gen X.

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