The first-of-its-kind programme aims to help Singapore enterprises achieve competitive edge in an evolving global business events landscape.


The Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) has announced the launch of SG SafeEvents Certification during the Tourism Industry Conference organised by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). The certification programme is based on the Technical Reference (TR) 84 “Safe event management for the events industry”, developed by the Singapore Standards Council (SSC) and overseen by Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

Technical Reference (TR) 84

TR 84 provides best practices for conducting events in a safe and responsible manner beyond what is covered under the government-mandated Safe Management Measures (SMM) and complements the STB’s Safe Business Events (SBE) framework. It provides event organisers, venue owners, and suppliers in the MICE and Events industry, guidelines and best practices in hygiene and sanitisation; safe distancing; and emergency management.

The TR closely referenced the Events Industry Resilience Roadmap (IRR) released by

SACEOS in October 2020 which provides guidance for organising safe business events, solutions for hybrid events and new capabilities needed to transform the industry.

SG SafeEvents Certification

Based on TR84, the SG SafeEvents Certification will assure event organisers and attendees that MICE and Events industry players observe and uphold hygiene benchmarks, and safe distancing best practices.

  • Organisers are required to have a risk management plan and document identified hazards and the necessary control measures that have been implemented before and during events.
  • Venue operators would have to ensure that a routine and periodic cleaning and disinfection plan is developed.
  • Organisers and venue operators are encouraged to use contactless technology where feasible.
  • The certification process also takes into consideration the protocols that need to be put in place to contain and manage emergency situations.

In preparation for the launch of the SG SafeEvent Certification, SACEOS has been working with NTUC Learning Hub to provide training for a team of SG SafeEvent Ambassadors2, whose role is specific to the requirements of the SG SafeEvent Standards. To date, 700 ambassadors have undergone training and are ready to be mobilised onsite at events. SACEOS aims to increase the pool to 1,000 ambassadors by mid-2021 in anticipation of increased demand when more events are organised.

TR84 can be purchased on the Singapore Standards e-shop. More details on the certification process and panel of certification bodies will be available next month (May 2021) when announced through an industry briefing. Interested enterprises in the MICE and Tourism ecosystem who wish to be certified or who wish to enquire about the certification can register their interest for the industry briefing with SACEOS at


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