How to use your data to drive digital transformation and design better engagement strategies.


Driving a digital mindset shift starts from changing perceptions and aligning decisions through data. Your current data structure can help identify challenges, priorities, and opportunities for growth, while intelligent data analysis can ascertain how well your strategies are addressing your company’s business goals.

For many ambitious business leaders, the main challenge of data-driven change is related to culture, not technology. According to the 2020 Big Data and AI Executive Survey by NewVantage Partners, only 26.8 per cent of the surveyed organisations report having success with building a data culture.

In our conversation with Leila Botham, Managing Partner and Change & Strategy Director at LEVO, we talk about the importance of data and how it can promote mindset shift and help change expectations.

Changing mindset begins from the individual, as Leila advises that data can help us make more informed decisions when we open ourselves to the blind spots in life and our career.

Our colleagues may be working towards the same goal: creating better customer experiences or curating the most innovative event. However, that goal sometimes gets impeded by different views on how it should be done. Leila tells us how data comes into play to make sense of the best way forward.

There is also real value in testing or experimenting with the market – Leila tells us how it develops the data needed to control variables and get a clearer understanding of how to pivot and position content and strategy for each campaign.

The journey to propel mindset shift and customer expectations don’t have to be complex. Watch the entire conversation below to find out what it takes to create a successful data-driven mindset change.

With 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, Leila Botham offers organisations the agility and independence of thought to lead meaningful change and business performance uplifts.

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