The pièce de résistance of topics and the last of our three-episode Leadership + Self-Development series with Rebecca Allen as we distinguish the good and bad of perfectionism.


Being in the business events industry, we tend to get overly critical on ourselves more often than we’d like to admit. In this video conversation with Rebecca Allen, founder of Illuminate Personal Growth, we find out that it is vital for us to be able to distinguish between healthy behaviours brought about by perfectionistic tendencies and the toxic aspects of it, such as burnout, judgement and shame.

For those struggling with perfectionism, unrealistically high expectations can create a self-defeating way to move through the corporate world. As Rebecca describes, fixating on perfecting a particular job or work can result in a tunnel vision that prevents us from progress. “The truth is, when we get left behind, we think we’re falling short of those expectations, resulting in more self-doubt.”

Watch the video below for the full conversation and find out how overcoming perfectionism can improve your behaviour, thought patterns and even your relationships.

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Rebecca Allen is a Career Coach and has coached hundreds of female managers and early leaders over the last decade to help them realise their true potential and become their brilliance. Her Inner Circle is a supportive community of professional women, coaches and mentors. Her focus is on helping members achieve their purpose, whether that is being paid what they are worth, being promoted, creating new opportunities for themselves or becoming the role models they want to be.

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