ICCA Association Expert Seminar (AES) 2020

PRODUCTS + SERVICES – Hybrid Audience Engagement


In order to address the global community’s concerns about the future of business events, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) partnered with ICCA in a hybrid platform conversation about ‘Digital Transformation’.

In and with the support of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the event optimised the opportunity to demonstrate how adept Singapore is at managing and executing safe events to a global audience. Showcasing some of the latest technology from MBS, it was broadcast live from its newly-launched Hybrid Broadcast Studio.


With 25 key opinion leaders placed on the main stage, an interactive session took place over 60 minutes. Together with Genevieve Lim of MBS, BEAM’s Founder + Chief Engager El Kwang co-ordinated the format and facilitated the discussion, with four industry experts platform, acting as ‘conversation starters’. With ICCA President James Rees live-beaming holographically from London, the event covered the relevant topics across all corners of the globe.


With factual content pushing the boundaries of and encouraging ‘reimagination’, ICCA’s community received the event very well. Cutting through the noise of so many online events in the current reality, this session proved to be meaningful and relevant, with the right people in the room asking the right questions.

A collaborative approach between all parties ensured the successful execution of an event involving physical and holographic participants in discussion with a virtual audience; no small feat, particularly with the unpredictability of live audience polling!

“El Kwang has the magical touch in delivering highly professional and successful events. ICCA organised a global hybrid event within the Association Expert Seminar - AES Live 2020 – which was broadcast to a live virtual audience from MBS Singapore. Without any second thoughts, we all said - this is the job for "Super El"! The session was amazing, featuring MBS's state of the art technology in AR, VR & ER. But the one thing that brought the content to life was El. The whole session would not have had the “soul and passion” without his special treatment, care, humour and most importantly, KNOWLEDGE. El is the epitome of professionalism in the industry and made our event a huge success.”

NOOR AHMAD HAMIDRegional Director Asia Pacific | ICCA