Food Tribes: Private Dining Experiences

What is Food Tribes: Private Dining Experience?


You & your guests enjoy dining across the landscape of restaurants in Singapore. However, you’re keen to do something a little out-of-the-box.

Visualise this:

Invite your guests into a private home or exclusive space where every dish is inspired by a legacy. With BEAM, the stories behind these legacies are the pièce de résistance of a Food Tribes experience. And we have a special way of telling them!

How we help:

  • With you & your guests in mind, we research and design the private dining experience.
  • Create the content & engagement strategy.
  • Always bespoke, we facilitate the experience and engage your audience with energy.

BEAM does not own a travel agency licence (preferring to leave that to the experts!), but works closely with event organisers, venues, event agencies and convention bureaus. We play our favourite part as an extension of their teams, supporting their focus on achieving the overall strategy. Our clients have the freedom to select and book their preferred venues, hybrid platforms and manage the registration process & other logistics.

Let us further explain how we beam with a case study

Our vision is to beam our energy into every encounter. Connect with us by saying