Meetings and Incentives Marketing Campaign for Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB)

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With the devastating disruption brought upon the industry through the COVID-19 pandemic, TCEB’s Meetings and Incentives experts saw the need to continue their efforts in supporting the success of international event organisers.

Achieving cut-through in a distressed and noisy market was a fierce undertaking. TCEB wanted a campaign that was relevant, clear and evoked brand loyalty for the destination from both target customers and local industry partners.


Exploring different ways of producing meaningful content, BEAM dived into understanding the psyche of industry partners, particularly during the COVID-19 ‘shock’ period (Feb – June 2020).

The campaign needed to command global attention. To be strong enough to not be hindered by travel restrictions. We knew we had to focus on initiating a content strategy that had depth, relevance and possibility.


Although the exercise had clear objectives for business, the impact of COVID-19 on a globally-beloved industry was also deeply personal.

So it made perfect sense for us to design and create a human-centric marketing campaign called, ‘IM PEOPLE FOCUSED’. The play on the IM acronym for Incentives & Meetings and the phonetics of the words “I AM” are easily recognisable and resonant for the target audience.

To give context to and launch the campaign, we recorded a personal video address by TCEB SVP Nichapa Yoswee. Tapping into the social media conversation with people outpouring sadness about not being able to travel, celebrating past travel experiences, posting memories, we decided to talk directly to influential event organisers. Continuing to use video as the key medium, the campaign featured real-time and personal expressions about event organisers’ love of Thailand, the things they miss most, unique experiences, lasting memories and in particular, those things that make Thailand a destination like no other: the beaches, natural richness & beauty and the seemingly endless options for wellness experiences.

Here are the three videos BEAM produced as part of the campaign’s content strategy:

“We have worked with BEAM for a number of years. Their approach to content strategy always gives our campaigns and promotional activities an added dimension that commands the right kind of attention. Their commitment to storytelling and the way they infuse their energy, appropriate to our culture, bridges the gap with international event organisations.”

NOOCH HOMROSSUKHONDirector of Meetings & Incentives Department (2015 - 2020) | TCEB