BEAM’s head honcho El Kwang joins the Upon Arrival podcast for their 51st episode.


Triggers. They form a habit loop as part of our coping mechanism. In a world of increasing unpredictability, our work and mental health are inevitably impacted. Stressors from the Covid-10 outbreak has led to many shocks that have distressed our mental wellbeing. These range from anxiety over the highly transmittable and potentially deadly virus to the prospect of economic decline and unemployment, a potential shortage of essential goods, and restrictions on movement and social contact both within and across national borders.

But almost two years on, most of us have adapted and found ways to cope while waiting in bated breath for the next disruption. In the business events industry, where the human touch is crucial, companies have found ways to pivot, create new touchpoints that are meaningful, and keep the momentum of relationships.

On the 51st episode of Upon Arrival, a podcast hosted by event professional Adelaine Ng for the people creating unforgettable travel and event experiences, El Kwang, Founder of BEAM, shares insights on how to use positive psychology to help people thrive, including the difference between mindfulness and meditation; countering self-sabotage with self-awareness; where the industry stands with positive psychology practice; as well as tips on how to practice positive psychology effectively.

Positive psychology isn’t about staying positive all the time, contrary to popular belief. When applied correctly, the skill of positive psychology will help address our triggers for why we’re reacting the way we do during the pandemic and why we keep self-sabotaging. Ultimately, positive psychology helps people flourish and thrive. But not only that, positive psychology can be used to improve incentive experiences and give meetings a new dimension.

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Upon Arrival uncovers stories of inspiration, strategies and happenings to see how the strategists amongst event professionals are learning new ways of doing things and even discovering new destinations and experiences that might not otherwise have been considered. They talk about mindset, personal development and pivot ideas with the travel and events industry.

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