Considering a career change during this challenging period may be inevitable for some – if not most – as we see unemployment numbers tick upward from the fallout of the pandemic. In this episode of BEAM FORWARD, we speak to Andrew Chan, CEO of ACI HR Solutions, about the core competencies and skills that other industries are looking for from talent in the hospitality industry. He discusses why employers should be concerned about the industry brain drain and what they need to consider when conceiving a recovery plan to restore the loss of human resources when the pandemic is over.

As bleak as the chances may seem to get a job from another industry, Chan says there are pockets of opportunities everywhere if one is willing to do the legwork. He also talks to us about the realities of competing in an overall increasingly crowded market, the areas of achievements and value to highlight when approaching a new industry, and some of his pet peeves when reviewing a candidate’s resume.

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