Tourism New Zealand is launching a new app-based learning platform that aims to bring critical product knowledge to agents in a fun and interactive way.


In addition to its recently launched Spotify channel, incentive travel agents can now access the platform easily through a Tourism New Zealand mobile app. The app will take them through a learning journey spanning four modules, with each module launched weekly and covers 25 questions.

The modules will cover a wide range of topics and categories, from ‘Incentive Activities and Attractions’, ‘Unique Venues’, ‘New Zealand Trivia’, and even ‘People’, where agents will get to know the team behind Tourism New Zealand even better. To encourage further proactive learning, links will be provided for agents to independently seek information that are essential for itinerary planning.

Agents who complete the training with a score of 75 per cent and above will receive an exclusive certificate of completion, and the first 500 agents scoring 75 per cent and above will receive a branded gift.

The top 10 scorers will receive further rewards such as a personalised team training session with Tourism New Zealand’s business events manager for South East Asia, priority destination updates, as well as priority invitations for familiarisation trips and in-market events.

The best-performing agent will additionally receive a hamper of New Zealand’s confectionaries. The competition will begin on Wednesday, 6 January 2021 and conclude on Sunday, 7 February 2021 at 2359hrs.

Steven Dixon, Regional Trade Marketing Manager, Asia, for Tourism New Zealand said that the motivation behind coming up with the new learning platform is to turn what can be tedious and information-heavy into something fun and engaging and hopes to especially appeal to agents that are competitive by nature.

Dixon said, “Agents have been overloaded with scheduled webinars and online lecture-style training. It is not easy for incentive planners to retain and recall a fairly large amount of product information, especially through webinars, and so we want to turn the entire experience around with elements of gamification that will add a spark of fun.”

“Along the way, we also want to take this opportunity to reward and acknowledge our agents for taking the time and effort to continuously keep up-to-date on New Zealand offerings. We hope that through this new platform, we continue to motivate agents, build communities, and ultimately enhance the brand experience.”

To take part, incentive agents will need to first register online, following which they will receive a confirmation email with a username and password as well as QR codes and links to download the game app. Launching first in Singapore and subsequently, in Indonesia and Malaysia, the platform is developed in partnership with TLC Events and MICE Neurol, with content provided by Tourism New Zealand.

Hero image by Matt Lamers, Unsplash

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