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Pico Far East Holdings Limited’s subsidiary Shanghai Pixels Information Technology Co., Ltd. has joined 263 Network Communications Co., Ltd. (Net263 Ltd.) and Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Limited (China Unicom’s subsidiary Shanghai Wocheng) as a founder-strategic investor in ‘YAOLAND’, a new HTML5 metaverse platform.

No downloads are required to use YAOLAND. YAOLAND allows users to create their own digital avatars and explore different activation experiences and stories, collect NFTs and participate in activities such as gaming, socialising and shopping.

Capitalising on the popularity and rapid development of the metaverse, Pico invested in and used its digital expertise and experience to develop YAOLAND, capturing the limitless potential of the metaverse ecosystem in the China market. Their collaboration leveraged on strategic investor Net263 Ltd.’s advanced 3D virtual streaming – whose underlying audio-video technology combines AI computation and VR/AR – and strategic partner China Unicom’s subsidiary Shanghai Wocheng’s China IPTV services, mobile user base, and core operation services for cloud-gaming and -rendering technologies.

With great foresight, Pico’s digital transformation began several years ago, and it continues to expand its digital business at an accelerated pace. YAOLAND reflects Pico’s ability to provide integrated solutions for metaverse creation. Pico can further utilise metaverse-related technologies in brand activation projects and create more engaging experiences in its total brand activations.

YAOLAND’s design involves virtual reality, games, networking and online-offline hybrid shopping experiences, which allow creative products to extend their reach through digital and blockchain technologies. The 5G metaverse platform will build a new landscape in the market combining virtual entertainment and commerce, thus creating a comprehensive digital consumption pattern.

Sign up here with a mainland China mobile number to start exploring YAOLAND: https://www.yaoland.cn/Login?redirect=%2F

Watch YAOLAND highlights here:

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