Centre to optimise the health, wellbeing and injury management of staff.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has appointed a health and wellbeing advisor. Tina Blythman will take on the role with a brief to achieve the highest standards and performance in employee mental health and wellbeing by providing a healthy and safe working environment throughout the Centre.

In her new role, Blythman will act as a key point of contact on mental health issues, which will provide employees with appropriate referrals and linkages to needed mental health, including care and accommodation, food assistance, education, mentoring, medical treatment, counselling, physiotherapy, legal support and substance abuse services, as well as providing access to appropriate support groups: grief and bereavement.

“In uncertain times, employees need stability and reassurance. They want human connection, especially with many working from home. This is more important than ever. I will work to ensure employees feel supported, connected and fulfilled in their roles to help maintain mental wellness,” said Blythman.

Setting positive precedence in introducing mental wellness at the workplace, Blythman says leaders need to show their vulnerability and demonstrate mentally healthy practices to lead by example and help reduce any stigma associated with mental wellbeing.

“Psychological safety is paramount. Providing an environment where the team feels comfortable sharing what they may be experiencing so you can help them rather than conclude it to be performance-related. Any situation is treatable with the right help,” Blythman continued.

Tina Blythman

Tina Blythman, Health and Wellbeing Advisor, MCEC

For a successful mental wellness programme, Blythman believes these resources are required:

  • Data to inform the business with regards to health and wellbeing practices.
  • A measurement system and supporting framework/methodology that will support a comprehensive health and wellbeing programme.
  • Strategy, framework, systems and processes to optimise health, wellbeing and injury management.
  • Review MCEC employees working practices and make recommendations for change.
  • Working closely with business leaders to understand critical areas of risk, our current successes and analyse trends.
  • Facilitate training activities to support MCEC leaders and employees concerning health & wellness practices.

“It is scientifically proven that employees’ mental wellbeing is inextricably linked to their performances at work. The healthier you are mentally, the happier you are at work, providing motivation to perform to the best of your ability. Therefore, having mental wellbeing as a focus only strengthens our ability to perform at our best,” shared Blythman.

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