As the pilot hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou hosted the first Timeless Journey featuring a crafted culinary experience helmed by its celebrity chefs.

Marriott Bonvoy has announced its new banquet concept – “A Timeless Journey,” through a debut event hosted by The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou on July 20, 2023. Inspired by Marriott Bonvoy’s award-winning culinary team, “A Timeless Journey” extends the esteemed restaurant’s food and service concept to banquet events. The new banquet concept will roll out to more select hotels with award-winning restaurants that will create their own “Timeless Journeys” for local markets.

“Banquets hold a pivotal role in Chinese social culture, and Marriott Bonvoy hotels consistently prioritise delivering personalised and high-quality services to curate premium and unforgettable banquet experiences for our esteemed guests,” said Michael Malik, Chief Operations Officer, Greater China, Marriott International.

“Introducing the innovative concept of ‘A Timeless Journey’, we strive to elevate the banquet experience. By ensuring the impeccable quality of our menus and services customised by our celebrity chefs and stellar team, our banquets are designed to meet consumers’ diverse demands for detailed perfection. Whether participating in grand-scale events or hosting intimate gatherings, we aspire for guests to embark on a culinary adventure of delightful and eagerly anticipated delicacies at Marriott Bonvoy.”

“A Timeless Journey” showcases authentic culinary and service excellence meticulously curated by celebrity chefs and stellar teams, inviting diners to discover the timeless treasures of culinary mastery and leaving a lasting impression through the universal language of taste.

The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou unveiled its inaugural “Timeless Journey”, featuring an innovative menu crafted by Aiden Huang, Executive Chef at the Michelin One Star Restaurant Lai Heen, representing an authentic journey across time and space.

Drawing inspiration from the diverse customs and dining traditions of the ancient Lingnan region, encompassing Guangdong and Guangxi, Chef Aiden selected unique cooking methods and ingredients from various places and re-interpreted them through modern techniques. His “Timeless Journey” presents Lingnan’s charm while exciting the senses and paying tribute to the millennium-old essence of Lingnan cuisine.

“Linger in Lingnan”, the “Timeless Journey” menu presented at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou, includes four appetisers, two soups, three hot dishes, a staple food and a dessert, all inspired by Lingnan cuisine. Highlighted appetisers include Shunde Style Mixed Fish Skin, Soy Sauce, and Peanut – honouring the rich and profound food culture of the Shunde region of the Pearl Delta.

For soup, the menu offers Double Boiled Fish Maw, Sea Whelk, and Mini Kumquat – based on the principle of harmonising taste and temperament and honouring the fact that soup, an essential element of the Cantonese culinary way of life, accompanies its people throughout the seasons.

The hot dish Pan Fried Taishan Half Dried Oyster, Xinhui Tangerine Peel, is made with precious ingredients from Wuyi, an area bounded by rivers, mountains, seas, and lakes and part of the Guangfu subculture.

Also featured on the menu is Braised Beef Tendon with Pickled Chinese Mustard Greens, offering the distinctive flavour of rural Shaoguan thanks to its secluded location, with a heavy emphasis on refreshing yet spicy seasoning.

For dessert, guests will enjoy Cold Lychee Jelly Vermicelli and Lychee Juice, honouring the varied desserts that can be found on every street in Guangdong. “I’m very pleased that “A Timeless Journey” started from Guangzhou and was unveiled at The Ritz Carlton, one of the key brands in Marriott Bonvoy’s luxury portfolio,” said Jennie Toh, Vice President Brand Marketing and Management, Asia Pacific, Marriott International.

“Luxury dining has always been one of the guest experiences at the core of Marriott International’s offerings, and we will continue to refine guests’ gourmet journeys by integrating the ingenuity of our star chefs as well as the world-class service of our excellent catering team to curate an immersive and memorable culinary experience.”

Following the debut of “A Timeless Journey” at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou, Marriott Bonvoy will roll out this new banquet concept to more unique destinations at its award-winning hotels across Greater China, allowing guests to embark on “A Timeless Journey” of culinary and service excellence in different destinations.

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