Leverage data to create the ideal engagement strategy and improve the experience of your buyer’s purchase journey.


Did you know that the data you possess is a gold mine at your fingertips? This untapped potential can help shine new light on leads and prospects, uncover unique consumer buying trends, and help create a profitable marketing strategy.

In the second episode of our conversation on leveraging data with Leila Botham, Managing Partner and Change & Strategy Director at LEVO, we find out how data can help with cost and risk management and make the best out of your effort, time and money invested in creating a product or building the ideal engagement strategy and customer experience.

Data leads to insights, and it is easy to get lost in the noise surrounding data. Leila suggests honing in on an area that matters most. Instead of starting with what data you could or should access, start by working out what you are looking to achieve.

“What you don’t want is other executives or other leaders who are not aligned to the way forward. That will block your progression and achievements. Data would help give that synergy and an unbiased view of how to get the maximum impact on investment,” says Leila.

Leila also employs her experience working with the education sector to elaborate on how associations can turn those insights into defining clear success measures. Data can also help provide an understanding of what members need and help drive relevant content and services.

Listen to more insights from the video below and let us know how else you think data can help businesses and your industry.

With 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, Leila Botham offers organisations the agility and independence of thought to lead meaningful change and business performance uplifts.

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