Updated measures provide a step forward in bringing back events safely and gradually.


In the second step of eased Safe Management Measures announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) as Singapore transits towards COVID resilience,

To facilitate the calibrated reopening of the MICE and Events industry, here are the latest update and advisories by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Here is the summary of the key updates for MICE pilot events:

1) Event size limits

Events where participants are predominantly seated or standing in a fixed position during the session. (e.g. meetings, conferences, and conventions):

From 19 August 2021 (If the situation remains stable): Up to 1,000 fully vaccinated participants at a time per session.

Events where participants are predominantly non-seated and moving about during the session. (e.g. exhibitions, networking sessions):

From 19 August 2021 (If the situation remains stable): Up to 500 fully vaccinated participants at a time, per session.

Important things to note:

– MICE events with 50 participants or less do not require Pre-Event Testing (PET) and MTI’s approval.

– MICE events with 50 participants or less must adhere to Safe Management Measures (SMMs) at the Workplace by the Ministry of Manpower here.

– The total operating capacity per session will include all participants of the event, including exhibitors, media attending the event, speakers, participants’ liaison officers, etc. EO staff who are also participating in the event (e.g. as speakers, audience members, etc.) are included in the total operating capacity. All other EO staff and external service providers are excluded.

2) Submission of application for piloting of MICE events

Under the Safe Business Events (SBE) framework, EOs must implement SMMs which will meet the five outcomes required for the piloting of MICE events in a safe and controlled manner. The SMMs must span a participant’s entire journey, at least 60 minutes before, during and at least 60 minutes after the MICE event.

– To hold a MICE event, an EO must submit an application for STB’s assessment and support for the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to approve the EO carrying out the event.

– Each MICE event and its related marketing efforts may be carried out only after receiving written approval from MTI. Please note that MTI has the right to impose stricter/additional SMMs or vary some SMMs. EOs must submit their application at least one month before each MICE event. STB and MTI will take up to 14 business days to assess each application.

– Please refer to Annex A and Annex B for the checklist on Safe Management Measures for Safe Business Events framework and illustration of SMMs, respectively.

3) Events Industry Resilience Roadmap (IRR) and SG SafeEvent Certification

Guided by the IRR, the SG SafeEvent Certification was launched on 7 April 2021 to provide a mark of assurance for enterprises to uphold the highest standards of safe management practices. Enterprises are encouraged to be certified to deliver confidence to visitors and organisers in the Conduct, Construct and Compliance of safe events in Singapore.

Enterprises in the MICE and Tourism ecosystem who wish to be certified or inquire more can refer here.

4) Enforcement of measures

STB will conduct enforcement checks to ensure compliance with SMMs. Enforcement action will be taken against the EOs and Event Venues (collectively, EOs) who hold MICE events without registering with STB or receiving the necessary approval from MTI and/or who fail to comply with the necessary SMMs.

Action may also be taken against EOs who conduct events not included in the event application and/or approved by MTI.


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