From beaches to the hinterland, Gold Coast shows how to immerse incentive participants in the great outdoors.

Gold Coast’s renowned 300 days of sunshine each year makes designing a fun-filled incentive programme a breeze. With a daily average temperature of 21°C and mild winters, organisers can boost participants’ serotonin levels all year round – with just a dose of sun, sea and fresh air.

The destination offers multiple outdoor experiences within just a 30-minute drive. Whether it is hosting an intimate c-suite retreat or a mega incentive group, activating simultaneous activities couldn’t be easier.

Vitamin Sea

With 21 golden sand beaches stretching over 70 kilometres, greet the dawn of a new day with a sun salutation by the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga on Mermaid Beach. Soak up the goodness of the seawater the next day with an invigorating experience by Australian Surfing Adventures.

To get the adrenaline pumping, embark on a 55-minute thrill ride or fly 400ft high with Australia’s largest parasailing company, GC Jet Boat and Parasail. You can even charter a yacht to fully experience and learn why the Gold Coast is home to the nation’s largest recreational boat builders and refitters.  Boasting first-class stopover facilities for visiting super yachts and world cruising vessels, Gold Coast marine businesses are united by their focus on developing innovative industry-first solutions and products that are now exported around the world.

Gold Coast beaches have also been home to SWELL Sculpture Festival for 21 years. According to its artistic director and curator, Natasha Edwards, the festival aims to connect people, art and place, with a remarkable ability to ignite the spark of inspiration in people’s hearts and minds. Edwards explains, “Interacting with art amidst nature not only stimulates creativity but also promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and a sense of connection to the environment.”

Nature Mingling

Nestled behind Gold Coast’s world-famous beaches is a pristine hinterland that is waiting to be explored, offering participants the chance to reconnect with nature.

From Lamington National Park to Tamborine Mountain, and from exquisitely-catered full-day tours to evening excursions, the Gold Coast hinterland is within easy reach and offers world-class nature and awe-inspiring experiences.

One of the premier tour operators in Australia’s most biodiverse region is Southern Cross Tours. Choose the evening rainforest tour to give participants an opportunity to learn not only about the environment but also about fascinating local history. During this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they’ll traverse the rainforest at night, observing wildlife and waterfalls, while being mesmerised by the magic of glow worms for the ultimate ‘Glow-Up’ experience, Gold Coast style.

Alternatively, step back into the Jurassic Era with the Natural Bridge & Springbrook Waterfalls Tour where participants can stand on the edge of a dormant 23-million-year-old volcano and explore an ancient Gondwana rainforest dating back over 100 million years, home to some of the oldest trees on the planet.

From beaches to the hinterland, the Gold Coast is at the forefront of environmental sustainability in Australia, where more than 400 companies are working towards a future that preserves the unique biodiversity of the city.

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