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Looking for ways to nail that presentation at your next virtual event?

In our new ‘I WISH I KNEW’ series, we share life hacks, tips and tricks that we hope may benefit the community and readers like yourself in any way possible. It’s the little things that matter.

To kickstart the series, we recorded a video guide (shown below) to demonstrate how a simple teleprompter app can potentially boost your production quality and enable you to come across as a confident and natural presenter.

Thanks to modern technology, teleprompters are no longer just for television reporters. Monitors on traditional teleprompters need to be connected to a second screen that feeds the information.

Now that teleprompter apps are readily available on Apple and Android devices, you can turn your iPhone and iPad, Android tablets and smartphones, into monitors or standalone teleprompters.

A teleprompter software makes it easy to insert text and other information into a teleprompter. Features and functions can vary from model to model, and it is essential to match a teleprompter with software based on how reliable it is and how user-friendly it is. A teleprompter must work right during a speech, or it can cause untold embarrassment.

Some of the helpful features to look for in teleprompter software include:

  • Remote Control: Control Teleprompter remotely with your iPhone or with another Mac over WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Screen Mirroring: Clone your script onto any number of monitors, or into another window. Choose to flip each copy horizontally, vertically, or both.
  • Bookmarks: Save segments anywhere in your script to quickly jump to them later.
  • Customisable Overlay: Use the intuitive Overlay editor to keep you or the talent on track.
  • Automatic Speed Control: Enable Automatic Speed, and Teleprompter will give each segment the duration you choose. It can even pause between segments.

Watch the below video as we walk you through the steps on how to utilise a teleprompter software.

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