Dial up your social media marketing skills with this new application that turns long-form videos into bite-sized clips ready to be shared on social media channels.


Most of you may know Piktochart, a web-based infographic application that produces visual storytelling solutions for businesses. Its newly launched Piktostory now enables users to easily turn long-form videos into bite-sized clips ready to be shared on social media channels.

The launch comes five months after the BETA version of the platform was released, which included the possibility to:

  • Upload video files from a local computer, Zoom or Google Drive
  • Edit subtitles
  • Turn the uploaded videos into multiple snippets optimised for social platforms

The newly launched version of Piktostory offers more flexibility to make the video editing experience effortless. With a built-in video recorder, it is now possible to record a video directly from the platform without uploading it from external sources.

The new release introduces new customisation and branding features such as:

  • Adjusting text properties, including font colour, font family, font size, background colour, and text position.
  • Changing video properties, including video background colour, video size, video position, as well as choosing between additional aspect ratios.
  • Adding your branded watermark to the video.

With this product update, Piktostory becomes a fully-fledged platform that makes it easier for anyone to improve audience engagement by repurposing their video content in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

“Our vision is to make video editing and video content repurposing accessible to everyone,” says Ai Ching Goh, CEO of Piktochart. “In current times, video communication has become the norm. We wanted to make it easier by providing a video editing solution that would be as effortless as editing a text document.”



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