The challenge of getting different personalities to work together can keep leaders awake at night, especially since virtual collaboration has become the standard modus operandi. Christo Alexander, General Manager and Lead Facilitator of SongDivision Asia, shares his observations on how different organisations and interest groups activate the power of team spirit through shared interests and values.



Having led more than three hundred team-building sessions and glittering gala dinners in the business events world, Christo is an expert at connecting businesses with their employees, partners, and customers using the power of music.

The company pioneered a group songwriting process in which virtually any number of people, with no musical experience whatsoever, creates an entirely original song while backed by some of the most talented musicians. The fun and low-pressure framework allows team members to learn a bit more about each other, which in turn helps the team collaborate better in the workplace.

Every workplace has a wealth of talent hiding just below the surface (or behind the computer screen). Amid the global shift to virtual meetings and events, the challenge is for companies to encourage those talents to come out of their shells to work collaboratively to achieve organisational goals and create a culture of innovation.

Even as the world moves to get vaccinated from the coronavirus, flexible work options and the preferred choice of working remotely for many have prompted business leaders to adapt to managing employees virtually and finding different ways to keep them engaged and informed.

In the above video, Christo shares how companies can overcome the challenges of getting employees engaged virtually. He also talks about some of the most inspiring and authentic leaders and corporate cultures that have helped him to inspire creativity, strengthen connections, empower teams, and build a deeply unified corporate culture through the science of music.


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