Powerful minds have the mental fortitude to respond to distressing situations. Learn how to develop defences against psychophysiological stressors the way event extraordinaire Marine Debatte K. did to regain control of her life.


We round up Mental Health Awareness Month with a video interview on event extraordinaire Marine Debatte K.’s journey through mental fitness and recovery. Marine experienced a debilitating migraine that affected her quality of life for years. With the combination of a demanding job and hectic schedules as a mom of two, Marine found it challenging to put her well-being first – until she was introduced to Diane Ducarme, Founder of Gutify Health.

The team at BEAM has not experienced any treatment by Gutify Health, and we are not in a position to comment on its effectiveness. We believe that wellness is a personal journey. As Diane says, listen to your body, do not let anyone tell you that what you are experiencing is not real but seek professional help when you feel like you need to. This video explores the different perspectives that could contribute to one’s improvement in mental fitness.

It is not uncommon for hospitality and event professionals to find it challenging to care about their own physical and mental well-being when their work requires them to be dedicated to the service of others.

Our brains, just like any other organ in the body, require proper care and nourishment for them to work well. Using the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Diane shares her approach to breaking the migraine pain cycle and how to treat the mind and body as one. She also explains the relationship between our microbiome and migraines and how our diets can help alleviate the chronic condition that often consumes the sufferer’s quality of life.

Studies show that women suffer from migraine three times as often as men. Watch the below video to learn the tell-tale signs of burnout and stress-induced migraines and what we can do daily and mindfully to mitigate them.

To explore further, get in touch with Diane.


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