BEAMer and cultural, tourism and business event consulting specialist Deanna Varga shares her inspiring work philosophy.


How does Deanna beam?

We have a business philosophy that is very personal to me. It’s about supporting women with truly flexible work environments to be their best selves in the workplace. If they are a primary carer, supporting ageing parents, returning from having a child, adopting a fur baby – or just want a career change that provides more flexible working options, I try to accommodate that.

I’ve always been a workaholic. By having women (and men) around us who also like true flexibility, it means I also must live, breathe and adopt this. I believe we are a more productive workforce because of it. And that makes me BEAM.


Why does having your dog in your office increase productivity?

He provides no end of laughs, smells and company. Particularly during the lock-down periods, he was our little shadow. But usually, he makes you get up, move (he needs tummy scratches and toilet breaks too), and must know what you are preparing in the kitchen. Because he loves his routine, we have to do two walks a day and that’s good for our physical and mental wellbeing. Team meetings in the office are broken up with “Ruckus, go to your place!”


The one thing I would do if I weren’t afraid is…

Ride a motorcycle – fast – through the streets of Paris!


Founder of Mayvin Global, Deanna’s highly-attuned business acumen and extensive experience delivers exceptional commercial and revenue generation in tourism, business events, government agencies and the arts. As a creative thinker and avid storyteller, Deanna is highly skilled in implementing sustainable commercial strategies to drive revenue, profit and visitor engagement across leisure and business to business sectors. With 25 years experience across cultural attractions, the media, global hotels, convention bureaux and destination marketing, Deanna is a passionate sales and marketing professional that connects and leverages relationships to inspire change and deliver business growth.

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