Finding the right destination that matches your endeavours is crucial. Gina Samuels, General Manager at The Production House Events, tells us how she knows Gold Coast fits the bill.

Event professional Gina Samuels stood out amongst the sea of 80 Australian and international buyers that Destination Gold Coast hosted for their signature education familiarisation programme, This is Gold Coast 2022.

Samuels knows what her client needs. Her confidence amplifies her organisational core values – courage, respect, honesty, ownership, and more.

“I take my work very seriously, and relationships are everything,” says the general manager of The Production House Events. The famil rekindled existing relationships and made new ones.

Samuels and her team developed a strong bond with Team Gold Coast and will bring more events to the Imagination Capital of Australia. A key factor is that the event industry in the Gold Coast goes the extra mile. They also understand what clients look for in a business events destination.

Despite knowing the destination well, the famil shifted Samuels’ perception and elevated her knowledge of the destination’s new capabilities. This is Gold Coast Knowledge Program’s three pillars – Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship resonated with Samuels. She shared that innovation is one of her multi-award-winning agency’s core values. The focus on delivering meaningful content deepens the next-generation delegates’ learning journey at this world-renowned beach destination besides access to great restaurants and immersive experiences.

Samuels believes that the future looks bright for the events industry. She says, “The industry is exciting because people want to be together. It is magnetic and energetic”. Despite the talent crunch and challenges brought by the sudden spike in demand, honest conversations will set the industry up for success. “If we succeed holistically as an industry, everyone wins,” adds Samuels.

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