Integrating both solutions will enable event organisers to reach over 1.3 billion users.

Event technology platform Gevme has partnered with WeMeet, a leader in smart travel and smart events in China, to create a seamless event experience via MeetSG’s mini programme for business travellers without leaving the WeChat application.

The partnership will see the integration of a native event registration experience that allows event organisers worldwide to list their events, building a stronger presence within the WeChat ecosystem.

“There are over 1.3 billion WeChat users around the world and this partnership with WeMeet is opening up that audience to an enhanced event experience through Gevme. As more business travellers from China resume their travel plans, the integration of Gevme into MeetSG on the WeChat platform will help organisers and brands directly engage with a wide pool of people while equipping them with easy-to-use tools to continue creating a unique digital experience within the platform,” shares Veemal Gungadin, CEO of Gevme.

Having over a billion active users, WeChat is ubiquitous and deeply integrated into the lives of users, allowing them to connect with friends and family, keep up-to-date on the latest news, engage with their favourite brands, as well as pay for a myriad of goods and services.

The introduction of mini programmes in WeChat has allowed the platform to host numerous services natively within the app, delivering greater convenience to its users and presenting a massive opportunity for brands and businesses to tap into the WeChat network to reach out and interact with their target audience and solidifying the app’s place as the most-used app, with users spending a significant amount of their screen time on the app alone.

“We have had great success in Shanghai, Las Vegas and Hangzhou, with our destination-level WeChat mini programmes created to connect and help organisers and local merchants, provide personalised and exclusive digital experiences to attendees and users visiting the city.

Partnering with Gevme, we can now revolutionise the business event and travel experience in Singapore and around the world. Together, our solution will open the doors to a seamless experience for all users, allowing them to register and perform one-touch interactions with other attendees and exhibitors while allowing the event experience to remain consistent and cohesive across all other event channels,” says Gu Xuebin, Founder & CEO of WeMeet.

WeMeet’s exclusive Singaporean mini programme for those in and travelling to the city-state, MeetSG has already been trailed at past events such as the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 and will be used in upcoming events such as the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Parts Conference where thousands of Chinese business travellers from China and across Asia will be flying into Singapore and engaging with the event and local businesses through the exclusive use of WeChat, without ever needing to download a separate event application.

Event organisers and businesses looking to effectively target and engage their Chinese target audience can contact Gevme today at where they can learn more about leveraging WeChat to supercharge their event or WeChat presence.

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