In this episode of BEAM FORWARD, we speak with Jessalynn Chen, Managing Director, Singapore of Labbrand. From her perspective managing the brand innovation consultancy, Chen shares her views on navigating creative processes in stifling circumstances. She talks about neural engine effects in the creative mind and how physical connections to people and their surroundings affect creativity.

“A lot of times, people tend to not want to be creative. There’s a fine difference between are you creative or not, and do you want to be creative or not.”

Post-pandemic, the way companies invest in marketing and their expectations will never be the same again. Chen gives us an outlook on bridging the gap between creative confidence and client expectations with the support of peers and guidance from mentors, and why mental fitness is so important.

“Instead of saying mental health or state, mental fitness gives a positive spin on it. I do get frustrated and let out my emotions or feel uncomfortable, like a heart attack or headache coming on after a big burst… a lot of it brings us back to how do we keep our mental state, fit, healthy and sustainable,” elaborates Chen.

Listen to more of the insightful conversation in the video below.

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