In episode 2 of BEAM’s Conscious Leadership series, we sit down with Andrew Chan, CEO of ACI HR Solutions, to uncover conscious career pathing strategies that can help talent navigate economic recovery.

Even as crisis support programmes and the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines are fuelling the global economy’s gradual recovery, the legacies of job/income loss and the destruction of businesses have permanently altered the way people and companies communicate and operate. Organisations were forced to digitalise further, while people now want the freedom of choice to work from home.

The uncertain trajectory of the pandemic stemming from new waves of infection and variants has cast a long shadow of doubt, making employers hesitant to hire to pre-Covid levels and private consumption subdued. To fill the gap, organisations are looking towards the gig economy while individuals seek to plenish income loss.

A 2019 Mastercard white paper suggested that the global gig economy is worth USD347 billion. Are Asia-based corporations ready to embrace such a structure? How will this impact organisational culture, and what are the career opportunities like post-Covid?

With the normalisation of working from home, how will the establishment of corporate culture, teamwork and a sense of belonging be affected? “As human beings, we’re generally social animals, and that’s what the office environment brings. Before the pandemic, you have a home life and a work life. Now, it is very much blended and morphed into one. It is not for everybody, but I can certainly see a large segment that this model would appeal to.”

Andrew also talks about the psychological barriers that employers need to overcome to survive in the gig economy, and how leaders can balance human-centric culture with business responsibilities. He also names three attributes leaders should be conscious of when building a progressive business model and provides insights into the current employment situation in Asia and the expectations of both leaders and talent.


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EP 1: Cultivating conscious leadership in women with Kim Underhill

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