Building relationships through authenticity is paramount to gaining trust and respect. Petrina Goh, Director of CWT Meetings & Events in Singapore, shares her thoughts on what it takes to find the right level of empathy for your team members while making sure that performance is not diminished.



In this new era of leadership, our world increasingly needs us to show up for our people in a more human way. Uncertainty affects everyone in different forms, and the changing nature of how we work and do business will inevitably push the reconfiguration of how leaders manage and communicate.

Such a paradigm shift has led to the rising need for more a humanistic approach to leadership. Humanistic leadership is not only ethically sound, but it is also advantageous to an organisation’s attrition rate as it is easier to retain than to train new employees. It involves a good balance of affective and cognitive empathy to become effective. Both types have their place in business, but the most effective leaders emphasise cognitive over affective empathy.

In this episode of our Conscious Leadership series, CWT M&E Singapore’s Petrina Goh explains the three levels of empathy she practises, how to maintain progress in commercial performance while practising compassion with the team, and shares her view on the idealism of conscious leadership.

“Being a leader is not just about me making decisions on my own. It’s actually about me being a support system for them… I need to be able to sense what they need and take direction from there and prompt them into letting me know the support that they need from me.”

Humanistic leaders also tend to give a lot of energy into supporting, motivating and inspiring their staff. In the above video, Petrina explains how leaders can recharge their metaphoric “portable batteries” to prevent burnout because “burning the candle on both ends will not work in the long run”.

In particular, business event professionals are obsessed with doing and achieving, ensuring that every detail and scenario is well-thought-out and planned. Nevertheless, let us not diminish our ability to focus on ourselves and seek attributes of empathy, compassion and acceptance from each other.

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