Business professionals know their capabilities. However, will the unknown demands of the post-COVID future cast a shadow of doubt on our confidence?


Everyone grapples with self-doubt once in a while, even successful business professionals with an excellent track record of achievements. That may be especially so for the business events industry when there seems to be a perpetual sense of uncertainty stemming from fluctuating regulations, periodic lockdowns and movement restrictions in various parts of the world.

In the first episode of our Resilience series, Positive Psychology Practitioner Tara Schofield helps us understand the benefits of embracing negative emotions and how they can strengthen our mental fitness.

In this episode, we explore the thought processes that lead to self-doubt and the exercises that could diminish the related crippling effects of this sabotaging thought pattern.

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Most of us would have experienced self-doubt at some point in our lives. It is what we do with it and how we cope with it, that makes the difference between struggling with it and directing it in our favour. As Tara explains, self-doubt can come to us for several reasons. It is a normal thought process when we are trying to understand whether we have the skills and capabilities to face a particular situation.

One of the steps Tara says we can take to overcome the negative thought is self-compassion – by acknowledging that a situation is challenging. When the business events industry came to a standstill, perhaps what many of us sensed was the loss of identity. Suddenly, a shadow of doubt looms over the value that we can provide with the diminished chance to put our expertise to good use. Beyond awareness, Tara suggests looking at a problem from different perspectives and questioning it without overthinking.

Tara also shares the three fundamental psychological needs that contribute to mental fitness and resilience in the video below. When these needs are not met, it could lead to detraction from a sense of well-being.

Watch on to find out what exercises can help us gain clarity in difficult situations and allow us to broaden perspectives and increase possibilities to overcome self-doubt.

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