The virtual event offered more than 100 hours of content for participants to see, hear and experience.


Online gaming is one of the few industries whose fortunes rose during the COVID-19 pandemic. To promote further esports development in Hong Kong, Cyberport – an innovative digital community with around 1,600 start-ups and technology companies – engaged Pico to create the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF).

Designed to support the industry, the DELF decodes its value chain and identifies growth opportunities, market drivers and new monetisation models. The forum kicked off on 11 December 2020, targeting millennial and Gen Z e-gamers with the theme ‘New Normal of Digital Entertainment: From Gamification to E-sportification’.

Providing an extensive suite of virtual event management services, the Pico team produced diverse content, tournaments, interactive games and a rewards programme to maintain a high level of engagement and encourage active participation.

Case study: Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum

The Pico team also built the event’s virtual platform from scratch. After the homepage, visitors entered a hexagonal virtual stage, where colourful spotlights and animated effects including a replicated audience gave the setting a futuristic and celebratory feel.

Industry players could access the platform at any time and from anywhere to explore a programme that included more than 70 speakers, 15 live tournaments, show matches, performances, more than 30 start-up showcases, and a pitching contest.

Visitors could also use the platform to view exhibition start-up booths, including mobile and console game brands, gamified learning, digital and esports solutions and XR/VR/AR solutions.

Case study: Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum

Clicking on a company’s booth gave visitors access to its information, video and website. To facilitate the business matching process further, visitors could even chat one-on-one with company representatives. In all, the event offered more than 100 hours of content for participants to see, hear and experience.

The custom-made platform supported livestreaming and networking and featured a convenient info desk and various mini games to keep visitors engaged. The livestreams themselves were managed by the Pico team to ensure a smooth virtual experience for all.

Case study: Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum

To maintain a high level of engagement, Pico worked with the client to create and implement a rewards programme. Visitors earned points on the site by completing different tasks, with the daily top 10 players winning prizes.

Continuing the ‘gamification’ theme, Pico also designed a mini game – ‘Gear Hunt’. By clicking on gaming gear icons which popped up randomly on the platform, participants could earn reward points while minimising their idle time.

The virtual platform remained live for a month after the two-day initial event, which enabled DELF to extend far beyond the walls of its Hong Kong venue, maximising its impact and influence among online visitors from around the world. The two-day forum attracted 600,000+ combined views from 30 countries or regions.

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