Event planners can now save time and provide greater support to attendees while increasing engagement.

CWT Meetings & Events (CWT M&E) has introduced two new solutions to help event organisers create a better attendee experience: a tool that facilitates easy and efficient collaboration with planners for designing event websites; and, chat support for event attendees who need assistance.

A well-designed website is centrally important to the success of an event, allowing the organiser to effectively engage with attendees before, during, and after the event. CWT M&E has built and supported thousands of websites, ranging from simple surveys to large, complex sites designed to a client’s specific brand requirements and in multiple languages.

However, the design and build process can be laborious for all involved, with a lot of time spent providing feedback, the crossover of communication via email and phone, and difficulty in tracking and storing changes.

CWT M&E says the new online website collaboration tool greatly streamlines this process. A client can simply look at a web page on their screen, mark up changes and share them with the CWT M&E team at the click of a button. Change requests and task statuses are more easily understood, and actions are readily assigned amongst those working on the project.

CWT M&E colloboration tool

Not only does this increase efficiency and create a better experience for the client, it also frees up time for CWT M&E’s web builders to be more creative and consultative. During a pilot roll-out last year with one of CWT M&E’s global tech clients, the tool helped cut down the time to build event websites by as much as 20-30 per cent.

CWT M&E also added live chat support to its portfolio of attendee engagement and management services. The chat service can be integrated into the event website, providing attendees with another channel to get assistance with their travel arrangements, registration, and other requests, as well as technical support for virtual and hybrid events.

CWT M&E attendee chat assistance

“A great attendee experience starts well before the event itself,” said Rachel Lunderborg, Senior Director, Global Process & Technology, CWT Meetings & Events. “Our new website collaboration tool enables event organisers to create better, fit-for-purpose websites more quickly. Meanwhile, with chat support, attendees can get assistance in real-time when they need it. Both these solutions will help organisers significantly elevate the attendee experience pre-, during, and post-event.”

The website collaboration tool and chat support are included in CWT M&E’s standard event planning and management service and are available to customers worldwide at no additional cost.

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