Following the success of the 50 videos BEAM produced between June and Dec 2020, BEAM is launching Conscious Leadership – a six-month series of conversations and content designed to inspire an awakening on leadership in a commercially dominant world.


The severe impacts of COVID-19 are very real – especially for the business events industry. Moreover, the pandemic has changed the definition of what it means to be successful and raised collective consciousness towards ongoing and unresolved issues within organisations. Behaviours stemming from unconscious biases and team members’ mental well-being continue to challenge leaders.

An uncertain future calls for foresight and agility. The psychological safety in team communicationunderpins an organisation’s performance and appetite for change and innovation. That, therefore, begs the question, “How do our unconscious minds undermine the possibility of change?”

“We believe that intentional change starts from being conscious of what matters to people. Therefore, we are keen to find out how leaders would balance persistent issues with the importance of managing business responsibilities and financial stability,” explains El Kwang, Founder & Chief Engager of BEAM.

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Here are some conversations from 2020. Do they still ring true?


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