This is the first international film win for the Malaysian business events industry as part of BESawarak’s Tribe Legacy Sarawak marketing campaign.


Sarawak has announced that the state has won an award at the Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) under the ‘Honourable Mention for Commercials’ category for its business events short film titled ‘Sarawak – New Normal in Business Events’.

The short film collaborated with several stakeholders from the business events and non-business events communities to educate on the safety protocols when organising, hosting and attending corporate meetings, corporate incentives, conventions, and exhibitions in Sarawak.

The award-winning short film opens with a traditional Iban headhunter chasing down an international delegate through a rainforest. But what seems to be a dangerous encounter is, in fact, a figment of the delegate’s imagination as he gets his temperature scanned at the conference venue, among other protocol procedures.

While the film targets a specific audience, the local community widely applauds the storyline for its creative and rather humorous demonstration of COVID-19 preventive measures and making it relatable to an audience outside of the business events industry.

“Though the Sarawak Government has already vaccinated over 89 per cent of adults – the highest in Malaysia – we must not overlook the importance of safety precautions with COVID-19 lingering”, said Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture Sarawak.

“The Sarawak – New Normal in Business Events short film can better enforce these measures, and I strongly encourage other industries to utilise this film and make it part of their marketing strategy so that we can become a responsible destination. Congratulations to BESarawak for this admirable win.”

Speaking on responsible destinations, BESarawak’s CEO Amelia Roziman opens up about what responsible business events would mean for the state. “It is imperative that we organise and host business events that comply with event and crowd safety regulations. To restart and protect the industry, we must first educate the industry on how to be responsible. I believe that the short film will be an important educational resource that shall attract national and international delegates again when the sky reopens. We will launch our latest initiative #ResponsibleSarawak – Empowering Socially Responsible Business Events During COVID-19 very soon.”

Sarawak’s creative flare is no stranger to the LAFA panel as musician Alena Murang and production house Sarawak Eye also bagged awards at this year’s LAFA.

Watch the award-winning short film Sarawak – New Normal in Business Events here or on BESarawak’s Youtube Channel, BESarawak.

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