Create buzz in physical spaces through AR and deep tech.


Singapore-based augmented reality solutions startup, Buzz AR, has clinched the prestigious EUREKA Label, thanks to its work in the field of AR and deep tech. The international award supports international industry-led R&D projects across 45 countries.

Buzz AR’s work enhances the physical space for visitors with AR, with multiple points of engagement that allow users to personalise their experience through interactive navigational guides, and directed billboards, and engagement. Through the AR and big data solutions the company provides, they have managed high six figures Singapore Dollar in revenue for the year to-date and doubled their headcount in the last few months alone.

The pandemic necessitated the need to fast-track the digital transformation of many industries. Buzz AR’s offering of AR and big data have been part of the crucial step for the tourism industry. During the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) Tourism Industry Conference held on 7 April 2021, Minister for Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing echoed the sentiment, and urged the industry to look at experiences that go beyond the physical space that span from pre-arrival to post-departure.

“Buzz AR has a very bright future. I became smitten with the company after seeing how elegantly it solved real challenges of navigation in a tourism setting.” said Ian Wilson, former SVP of Non-Gaming Operations at Marina Bay Sands.

As part of Cohort 3 of the Singapore Tourism Accelerator, which started in October 2020 and ended in March 2021, BuzzAR faced the steep challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, Buzz AR has clinched major contracts with several Fortune 500 companies in the hospitality and retail space in Singapore and China, and is poised for a round of funding in Q3 2021.

Buzz AR is in talks with several investors to raise a round of funding for USD2 million. The funds will be used for research and development to expand Buzz AR’s capabilities to be the perfect mix of a turnkey solution as a software company providing the building blocks through the SDKs for their growing library of products while being a custom solution providing support with the creation of unique assets for each campaign with clients to be a one-stop solution for AR and big data globally.

Bell Beh, Co-Founder and CEO of Buzz AR says, “I’m extremely thankful to our team for creating the cutting edge inventions, however, we are mindful that technology alone is inadequate. Stemming on that, we bridge the online to offline space, to make fun and functional AR applications. Our mission is to harnass novel AR technology to be useful, relevant, and fun to everyone’s daily life.”

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