Improving employment conditions seen as the annual report provides insights into the mindset of industry personnel across the Asia Pacific region.


The impact of Covid-19 on travel & hospitality jobs started easing in 2021 as economic recovery across travel, tourism and hospitality businesses emerge. The 10th edition of the ACI Report, which compiles responses from 820 travel, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle personnel, presents an extensive view of industry salaries and satisfaction levels. Findings from the survey may serve as a useful guide for employers, job seekers, HR professionals and recruitment specialists by providing an insight into prevailing job market conditions and hiring practices.

The largest proportion of survey respondents are based in Singapore (32 per cent), with Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia (11 per cent), Indonesia (seven per cent) and Australia/NZ (7 per cent) also providing solid samples.

Respondents whose jobs were impacted by the pandemic fell by 25 per cent compared to 74 per cent the previous year, indicating a reduction in respondents experiencing salary cuts and roles made redundant.

In further signs of positivity, hiring confidence appears to be returning, with 45 per cent of HR and Hiring Managers indicating that they expect new headcounts in 2022, a level not seen since pre-pandemic. However, throwing caution to the wind, the majority (34 percent) did indicate that they expect the bulk of recruitment only to take place in the latter half of 2022.

Hiring managers foresee challenges when they do begin recruitment, with their top concerns being:

  1. Lack of qualified candidates and finding the right talents
  2. High competition for skilled talents, thus driving up salary levels
  3. Work from home expectations of candidates that may not align with a company’s return to office policies.

“Whilst we would all like to resume business to what it was pre-covid, the reality is that two years of pandemic-induced operations such as work from home and roster flexibility has meant many employees have come to realise that they want to work differently. The stresses of pre-covid working is real for many employees, and in order to avoid a high staff turnover, business leaders and HR leads may need to examine how they can adapt to the needs of their staff, says ACI HR CEO Andrew Chan.

Additionally, employee sentiments also improved, with 46 per cent believing the worst is now behind them.

“Challenges haven’t come much greater than the past two years for us as a company, as well as the greater travel, tourism, and hospitality community. The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the sector, but I do believe the worse is behind us and we can perhaps start to think and plan for its recovery,” Chan adds.

For more details on salary and employment trends, visit to download the 2022 ACI Report. It includes a special Covid-19 supplement to help employers and employees of travel, tourism and hospitality industries make sense of these challenging times.

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