Accor recognises the emerging trend towards softer productivity in meetings and events, showcasing their unique approach to client connections in Asia.

In the wake of Accor‘s recent report, “The Future of Meetings & Events,” one particular trend appears to have struck a chord among event professionals: “softer productivity”. This revelation, articulated by a perceptive Sydney-based organiser, underscores a palpable shift in the industry: “As the return of in-person events gains momentum, there is a growing recognition that the relentless pursuit of a packed schedule might, in fact, compromise the essence of these gatherings.”

But what exactly is “softer productivity”? According to the report, it signifies a departure from the conventional grind, emphasising holistic well-being and personal optimisation. Event organisers are now fervently prioritising moments of respite, incorporating physical activity, and promoting wholesome nourishment within their tightly packed agendas. This new wave of conscientious event curation seeks to enable attendees to extract maximum value from their experiences without sacrificing their physical and mental welfare, fostering a holistic transformation towards their very best selves.

The report also highlights other more familiar trends, notably “designing experiences” and “green gatherings”. At a recent showcase for business travel and event organisers in Singapore, Accor masterfully embodied those concepts in their event experience design.

Breaking away from the customary “tabletop appointments”, Accor ingeniously conceived distinct thematic zones, each meticulously crafted to showcase the defining features and latest updates from 34 participating hotels. From Cultural and Sustainability to Smart Stay and the alluring New Brands and Experiences zones, this innovative approach empowered buyers with a sense of autonomy. Not only could they choose the zones that align with their immediate requirements, but buyers were also allowed the flexibility to tailor their attendance to accommodate their demanding and unpredictable schedules.

In a resounding nod to sustainability, more in-person ushers and digital interfaces took centre stage, seamlessly guiding the buyers through the event. Moreover, the introduction of diverse eco-friendly culinary options, including tailored dietary selections, underscored a commitment to fostering sustainable practices throughout the gathering.

Evidently designed with the attendees’ well-being at its core, Accor meticulously curated two distinct content tracks that reverberated with the sentiment of event organisers. “Well-being Toolkit for Business Travel” and “Transforming Minds Through Experience Design” stood as testaments to Accor’s dedication to enriching the event experience, fostering a synergy between mindful engagement and industry best practices.

“As a corporate end-user, attending the Accor showcase in Singapore was a delightful experience. In a short period, I connected with products tailored to my needs and gained valuable insights from the thought-provoking content sessions. It epitomises a profoundly productive and progressive approach to buyer-seller networking,” applauded an enthusiastic participant of Accor Connect, echoing the collective sentiment of the industry.

Accor’s innovative approach to event curation signifies a transformative shift in the landscape of professional gatherings and sets a compelling precedent for fostering meaningful, sustainable, and holistic engagement within the industry. As the events industry continues to evolve, Accor’s relentless commitment to mindful connectivity and conscious experiences stands as a beacon of inspiration, guiding the way toward a more purposeful and enriching future for event professionals and attendees alike.

“Nobody wants to be pushed to their limits anymore. There is space for much softer productivity that still allows you to deliver, but to do it in your own time and in your own way.”

Meenaz Diamond Senior Vice PresidentMeetings & Events, Accor

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