about BEAM

who is BEAM?

BEAM is an active agency committed to creating mindful experiences, reinforced by the right kind of energy and engagement.
We curate content and ideas for our community and help customers elevate their brand leadership.

our business is built on four key pillars

mental fitness
mindful energy
progressive mindset
people connection

We live for optimising brand engagement for our clients, through the creation of immersive experiences and meaningful campaigns. Our services range from ideating strategy to delivering the experience onsite.

We are in constant conversation and thrive on producing meaningful written and video content, offering different perspectives and moments of inspiration to our engaged community of 14,000+ subscribers.

A different name? When and why we changed?

In 2014, we made our mark as BEA (Biz Events Asia) – a B2B media brand that created engaging event experiences, underpinned by developing content excellence.

Did you know? A 2018 study measured the business events industry as injecting US$1.5 trillion into the global economy. Impressive stuff! Covid-19 has put this beloved industry in a holding-pattern, leading to countless job losses and business closures. We all collectively miss the value of face-to-face events and frequent travel.

Like many of our industry counterparts, Covid-19 led us to transforming our operations and between June & December 2020, we produced over 50 videos, supporting – via our platform – the journey to recovery for business events professionals.

Always committed to serving others, this focus was well-received by our community of colleagues. The many conversations we had inspired us to go further, resulting in the addition of Momentum (action) and BEA.

And so as of 12 Jan 2021, we are BEAM and we’ll be BEAMing our energy into every encounter.

BEAM is not an acronym. It is our vibration as well as our stillness.

We passionately believe that everyone can shine brightly and transmit the kind of energy that best represents their intention.

EL KWANGFounder + Chief Engager - BEAM