about BEAM

the BEAM team

our culture

Inspired by the late Tony Hsieh of Zappos, BEAM’s culture informs our behaviour, both at work and at home.

To be kind, helping others through challenges.

To be inclusive, because we are all human.

To be trustworthy, always treating people with respect.

To be politely firm and unfailingly fair when aligning differences of opinion.

To be financially responsible & accomplished, always remaining humble.

our engagers

We have a team of engagers who love nothing more than to beam our energy into every encounter.

El Kwang

Founder + Chief Engager

BEAM traits: people connector, ideator, storyteller, creative director

Kiat Chua

Co-Founder + Chief Visualiser

BEAM traits: designer, photographer + videographer, visual engager

Chilli Chornafang

Chief Experiencer

BEAM traits: experience designer, artist, dreamer, creative director

Michelle Lim

Solutions Director

BEAM traits: problem solver, relationship engager, solutions finder

Gina Sin

Content Director

BEAM traits: writer, storyteller, content partnership engager