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We have a team of engagers who love nothing more than to beam our energy into every encounter.

Kiat Chua

Chief Visualiser + Managing Director

BEAM traits: Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Visual Engager

Qixin Liow

Chief Social UX Officer

BEAM traits: Communicator, Business Events Professional, Social Media Guru

Elly Hong

Chief Sales & Buyer Officer

BEAM traits: MICE Solutions Connector, Thailand MICE Professional

Chilli Chornafang

Chief Experiencer

BEAM traits: Experience Designer, Artist, Dreamer, Creative Director

Michelle Lim

Solutions Director

BEAM traits: Problem Solver, Relationship Engager, Solutions Finder

Gina Sin

Content Director

BEAM traits: Writer, Storyteller, Content Partnership Engager

Chua Ming Xuan

Solutions Executive

BEAM traits: Solutions Driver, Data Warrior

El Kwang

Founder + Strategic Advisor

BEAM traits: People Connector, Ideator, Storyteller, Creative Director