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we are grateful for our subscribers, our customers and our collaborative partners.

our subscribers

BEAM has 14,000+ subscribers – a primary mix of senior leaders from the corporate sector, event marketing buyers, convention bureaus, destination and event management agencies, venue operators, hoteliers, association executives and a diverse group of independent event professionals and service providers.

From the advent of Covid-19, through engaging, human-centric video conversations, we have attracted a new demographic: 350 working professionals who value mental fitness, appreciate travel and crave immersive experiences. Our subscribers receive a weekly e-newsletter called BEAM forward and updates from our customers and partners.

our customers

Convention Bureaus

We create marketing campaigns and event buyer programmes that appeal to the target markets.

Hotels + Venues

We support brand leadership through content strategy and development that communicate beyond the physical and visible assets.

Destination + Event Agencies

We produce brilliant experiences for them so these experts can focus on their customers’ needs.

Corporate Event Organisers

We elevate selected components of their events whilst they direct the overall experience strategies.

Private Dining Groups

We create immersive private dining experiences for groups of people with a common interest.

our collaborative partners

We support these global industry associations and organisations through strategic content partnership. They let us serve the needs of our industry and the greater community through advocacy in action. We encourage you to join the movement by participating in some of their initiatives.