Committed to beaming
our ENERGY into
every encounter.
Believing mindful ENGAGEMENT
is the key ingredient
in successful people connections.
Producing every EXPERIENCE,
always in pursuit of mental fitness
for a better tomorrow.

Let’s BEAM.

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without fail, listening to others makes us feel less alone.

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Independent business owners of Tiong BahruCONTENT + IDEASWomen Brilliance
March 7, 2021

Independent business owners of Tiong Bahru

BEAM marks International Women’s Day by shedding light on the achievements of women around us.   International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political…
Business event foresights from industry leaders

Business event foresights from industry leaders

Lessons learnt from 2020 to survive 2021 and beyond.   We caught up with seven…
Crediting women’s brilliance

Crediting women’s brilliance

This conversation birthed a song at the end.   The road to gender equality is…
The rise of women in leadership
The rise of women in leadership
The cost of hybrid events
Trends + Insights
The cost of hybrid events

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